Tempo Rosso Nocciola

Tempo Rosso Nocciola

Tempo Rosso Nocciola – flavored drink with hazelnut flavor
Strength (ABV): 8%
Bottle size: 0.25/0.75 l.
Region: Germany

Tempo Rosso Nocciola

The drink is made of red wine by adding the concentrated apple juice.

It has a bright wine aroma with expressive hazelnut notes. If you are a nut lover, you will definitely like it.

Tempo Rosso Nocciola tastes pleasant and sweet; you can feel there hazelnut and nougat aftertaste.

The drink is deep-red colored, so there are no visual differences between it and classic red wine.

You can consume this drink independently as a dessert wine or an aperitif. It also goes well with chocolate, cakes, and aged-cheeses.

You can feel the full taste chilling it to +14-16°C.